Is a leading strategy and product development company specializing in digital transformation enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT) and AI.

Based in San Diego, California, LinkedObjects was founded by Gioia Messinger and Dan Gilbert.

Our founders are serial entrepreneurs who have started and sold several companies. Our team is comprised of senior strategists and product developers that have shipped many best-selling products over the last 20+ years.  Including: VueZone/Arlo™,  Ring, PillCam™, Surfboard™ (cable modem), Inkjet™, Iridium and many other connected devices.

Gioia Messinger


Entrepreneur, technologist & IoT pioneer.

Avaak/Arlo. UC San Diego. Given Imaging. General Instruments. Motorola. Sony.

Dan Gilbert


Consumer marketing & Strategy.  Avaak/Arlo. HP. Lockheed Martin.

Andy Aoe

Principal/IoT Architect

HW/FW/SW Systems. 

AeroVironment. Ring. Avaak/Arlo. Dexcomm.

Zoi & Izzi

Chief Play Officers

Sleep. Play. Sleep. Play. Eat.