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These 12 technologies will drive our economic future

“Most of the writing you see about the economy speaks to narrow questions: What will growth be this year? When will the unemployment rate get back to normal? And so on. But the things that will determine standards of living a generation from now have almost nothing to do with this month’s jobs report or the Federal Reserve’s latest policy meeting. Those determinants, instead, depend on companies’ innovations — in particular, whether those innovations turn out to have major economic consequences.”

-Neil Irwin

Source: McKinsey Global Institute

Source: McKinsey Global Institute

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Infographic – How the Internet of Things is Raising Your IQ

These days, it’s hard to escape the Internet. It seems like everything from your espresso maker to your eyeglasses are connected to the Web. While there’s been a lot of discussion about the Internet’s impact on our IQ, a new infographic explores how companies and municipalities deploying smart technologies can improve our lives.

Infographic -

Infographic –

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How the Internet of Things Changes Everything

By 2015, not only 75% of the world’s population will be connected to the Internet – so will 6 billion devices.  Clearly, when things are networked, that has an impact on how actual value is produced. In many cases, it is no longer the manufactured product that is the focus, but rather the web-based service that users access through that device.