Here’s why 2014 will be the year of the ‘Internet of things’

Consumers have been snapping up connected fitness gadgets such as the Fitbit and the Jawbone this year.  Next year, we’ll see this kind of ubiquitous sensor technology extend to the enterprise as part of the “Internet of things,” according to an analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

A temperature sensor.  Source:  VentureBeat

A temperature sensor. Source: VentureBeat

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Athlete’s Cap Sends Out Alerts About Head Injuries

Research shows that repeated hard knocks to the head during impact sports can cause long-term brain injury. But it can be hard for coaches watching from the sidelines to tell how hard a blow really was.

That’s why MC10 developed a skullcap to be worn alone or underneath a helmet that detects how hard a player’s skull is hit. Depending on the severity of the impact, different colored LEDs light up on the back of the cap for all to see.

Reebok Checklight - Source: IEEE

Reebok Checklight – Source: IEEE

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