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Sensor Systems


Quantify everything! We are world leaders in the development of compact, high performance sensors for every use

  • Connect anything to anything else, wirelessly
  • Body sensor networks. Vital signs and activity monitoring. Wearable systems for rehabilitation
  • 1,3,6 and 9 axis MEM accelerometers coupled with low power radios embedded in sports equipment and apparel
  • Home and building automation. Implementations include: IP/non-IP video cameras, PIR, contact, proximity, presence, moisture, smoke, HVAC, energy use and other sensors
  • Distributed location and navigation solutions (802.11, 802.15.4, Cellular)
  • Ingestible and implantable devices
  • Video sensor systems
  • Ultra-low power, battery operated systems
  • Embedded Systems Hardware and Software Development and Integration

Software & Cloud Service


We help you address device management complexities - linking your application to your objects anywhere at anytime

  • Architecture design and tailored software solutions for your specific requirements
  • App development
  • Object Cloud architecture and backend implementation
  • Object Management Services
  • Dashboard and console implementations
  • Integration of 3rd party M2M, BAN and other hardware platforms
  • Data storage, reporting and visualization
  • API development
  • Simulation and regression testing
  • Open source and proprietary based implementations
  • Mobile firmware updates
  • Custom protocol development
  • Scalable billing and customer care implementation for your connected objects

Wireless Communications


We bring real world expertise and years of experience connecting objects to other objects.

  • Low power, wireless systems
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • 802.15.4/ZigBee
  • ANT/ANT+
  • Bluetooth/BLE
  • ZWave
  • Near Field Communications (NFC)
  • Proprietary 315MHz/433MHz/866MHz/900MHz/2.4MHz
  • Software Defined Radios
  • RFID (Passive/Active)
  • Medical Implant Communications (MICS)
  • 6LoWPAN

DSP and Algorithm Development


Signal processing for sensor fusion, predictive algorithms and device management.

  • Kalman and other filtering implementations
  • Predictive algorithms for single and multi-axis accelerometers used in fall detection, impact, image stabilization, motion, speed and distance and other applications.
  • Predictive algorithms using paired or multiple accelerometers
  • Sensor fusion of similar and disparate sensors
  • Image processing and image fusion for remote sensing applications using PCA and other methods
  • Bayesian processing for systems with requirements of low false alarm rates and high probability of detection.
  • Fuzzy and rule based systems
  • MATLAB simulations and embedded implementations

Custom RF Development


When it comes to RF design, our extensive technical expertise is the right choice at all stages of your wireless development.

  • RF Design/RF Engineering Services
  • Full turn-key solutions
  • Antenna design and simulations
  • Battery and power supply design
  • Single and co-located multiple radio designs
  • RF Design for Manufacturability
  • High volume/low cost RF design expertise

Project Management


LinkedObjects experts focus on the needs of the customer. We help you build great products!

  • Agile software and hardware development
  • Focus on simplicity of execution
  • Close, cooperation between business/customer, developer and other cross functional teams
  • Continuous stakeholder involvement
  • Frequent product/feature deliveries
  • Quick response to changing needs
  • Test driven implementations
  • Web based collaboration tools