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Focus on Outcomes
Developers and business leaders often focus on the technological potential of the IoT, including its ability to collect and analyze vast stores of data. But technological advances alone will not make an IoT application more valuable or desirable to customers. Instead, companies should focus on outcomes—how a new application will improve safety, financial returns (for businesses), and convenience.

Business Model Disruption
In addition to providing the technology and data that enable the IoT, companies will need to adapt their business models to stay competitive — a difficult process, in our experience, since incumbents often resist change. Novel business models can be incubated internally or spun-out without major disruptions to the current business. We have successfully guided customers down this path.

Concept Validation
The connected device market is growing quickly, and changing fast. LinkedObjects can help you vet your most promising concepts for customer and market acceptance. Most complex development projects fail due to inadequately addressing the "fuzzy front end".

Product definition
We are experts at matching user needs to your team's technical and development capabilities. Developing a detailed product specification upfront, combined with a well-mapped future product roadmap, will accelerate your development progress over a multi-year timeframe.

Go-to-Market Strategy
Especially for new technology markets which involve complex ecosystems of internal and external partners, addressing go-to-market issues as part of the product development process is critical. We can "design in" introduction requirements including channel strategy, product awareness creation, and ensuring customer feedback accelerates your success - not diminishes it.

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Next-Generation Research and Product Development


Lean R&D/Engineering Traditionally, R&D/engineering consisted of a fixed set of requirements and specifications. The process from concept to final product moved in a linear sequence. Product testing was based on mock-ups and prototypes, often requiring long lead times. And once the final product was introduced and evaluated, any failure would require a complete process restart—an expensive and risky proposition.

Lean R&D/Engineering looks very different:

  • Short feedback loops that continuously recalibrate product requirements
  • Short parallel development sequences that optimize efficiencies
  • Rapid prototyping (MVPs) that shorten time to market and reduces cost
  • Minimizing risk early through continuous evaluation of alternatives and design de-risking methodologies

Software development
Connected products involve the addition of a complex new layer of providing supporting web-services and mobile applications. Successful deployment means addressing both technical issues of device management, account management, software upgrades, as well as business issues of cost and service performance. The platforms we use (AWS, Azure, Google) are infinitely scalable, meaning that it will adapt and grow in line with your connected devices.

Mobile App development in the Cloud
LinkedObjects drives mobile innovation in the cloud. Our team of mobile professionals are not only mobile solution experts, but are trained to ensure an all around great user experience when dealing with connected devices. Regardless of the mobile platform (iOS, Android or Hybrid HTML5) and target devices, LinkedObjects applies it's proven development methodology to ensure a simple, clean and beautiful product.

Low-power wireless network development
LinkedObjects is a world leader in developing and deploying low-power mesh, star and P2P networking products for consumer, commercial, medical and defense markets. We have done it all from developing novel wireless protocols that provide incredible battery life to deploying large scale wireless platforms in defense applications.

Sensor evaluation and selection
LinkedObjects has experience with compact low-power wireless sensor platforms, radios, micro processors, SoC devices, MEM sensors, integrated modules and firmware. We have dealt with high-bandwidth applications involving video sensing to complex multi-modal sensor systems.

Hardware design and manufacturing
Our product design experience includes high-volume consumer products as well as complex medical diagnostic devices. We can take products from initial design, using world-class Industrial Design partners, thru product approvals from regulatory agencies, into final production with offshore contract manufacturers.

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IoT Platforms


Cloud Platforms
For maximum leverage, use an off-the-shelf IoT Platform to easily connect any device and communicate in two directions - even through firewalls. Deploy your service back-end, keep your devices healthy and bring your applications to life. We are technology agnostic. We only want to save you development time, gain time to market and have you focus on your core competencies where you will derive the most value.

  • Technology agnostic IoT cloud platform
  • Fast time to market
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Global reach
  • Secure at every level

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