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Our white papers are designed to help see further. They are focused on topics that will allow you to better navigate the "Connected Things" and "Connected You" markets and technologies.

Overview of Low-Power Wireless Technologies

Until recently the only way to introduce low-power wireless connectivity to a sensor or device was though proprietary radio implementations such as the ones used in wireless mice and keyboards. More recently, we’ve seen the introduction of wireless devices and “modules” with on-board stacks, which intend to shrink development time but are costly in other regards. This white paper compares some of the most established low-power wireless technologies and details some of the features, benefits and limitations of each for specific applications.
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Low-power wireless technologies for Health and Fitness

Collaboration between doctors and engineers will bring in a new era of healthcare in which caregivers will rely on cost-effective real-time wireless solutions to help patients and communities get better care and stay healthy. This whitepaper examines the low-power wireless technologies behind those advancements.
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