Connected Everything

Homes, cars, cities, factories – pretty much everything around us is becoming smarter.

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers customers more  opportunities – to increase revenue, save money, gather actionable information and create targeted engagement. New business models enabled by IoT allow for breakthrough business results. LinkedObjects has been there – it works.

Our Mission

Digitize the physical world.

Innovate products and services. Build next-generation operations. Create entirely new businesses. We help companies achieve this in a cost effective and timely manner.

How do we do that?

Pinpointing emerging opportunities. Finding unexpected value, and creating new businesses by harnessing the full power of digital.

We provide clients with research and insights on what drives value in the digital economy. Our approach is grounded on years of hands-on experience that helps us identify an optimal portfolio of initiatives—a selection that balances investing in digitizing a company’s current business model against innovating new business models, and creating alignment among the executive team.


Strategy Services

The new world of smart, connected devices represents a sea of change in the fundamental dynamics of competition.

LinkedObjects works with management teams to understand what digital levers are available to transform their business and take advantage of the intrinsic fly-wheel that develops with  IoT, AI and large data sets.

Anticipate Future Disruptions

Understanding customer and technological effects of competition can lead to the creation of a better product at a lower cost.  We conduct “What if” analysis with our customers to encourage out-of-the box thinking and reallocating investment in future technological efforts.

Novel Business Models

Selling products isn’t enough to survive. Taking advantage of larger and larger data sets, ubiquitous connectivity, machine learning/AI and cloud and edge computing will open up new ways to make money and stay competitive while being keenly aware of customer demands and expectations.

Update Company Strategy

Novel business models lead to defining new business targets (KPIs) that support specific expectations of digital value creation.

Put Plan into Action

Let us help you operationalize a new strategy. Understand the people, process and purpose that are essential ingredients for success. Use a lean process to get there – build, measure, improve – iterate.

Technology Services

We get AI and IoT

We operate at the intersection of hardware, software, data and cloud.  We’ve built multi-billion dollar businesses with millions of connected devices.

Across industries, technology is changing everything. It’s become embedded in products and services and is essential for enchanting customers, improving efficiencies and staying ahead of the competition.

Agile Development

Our agile offering encompasses a thorough, cross-functional perspective, addressing such crucial topics as agile hardware design , agile software development, agile manufacturing and agile new product introductions.



 We’ve built multi-billion dollar companies and managed engineering teams that shipped millions of units. 


Get piece of mind that your product can be manufactured and scaled how you envision it.  Cost, quality and reliability are imperative for success of a connected product.

DFM, DFT, PCB Review, BOM Analysis,  Packaging and other ingredients to scale.

  • System Architecture
  • Hardware Design
  • Software, Firmware & App Development
  • Algorithms & Cloud Services
  • Data & Visualization
  • Security & Authentication
Let us help you connect your products!

Connect the Physical World

What problems could you solve if you knew the state of everything?

We help you extract value from your physical products by architecting and implementing systems that work for your business as your needs grow and change.

We help you build a custom solutions that leverage best-in-class technologies for your specific needs. 

  1.  We start from the data source/input, utilize communication technologies/protocols to efficiently move data to the cloud, determine what actions should be taken with the data and create the algorithms to act on the data to generate an output tailored to your business rules.
  2. We are vendor agnostic.  We only care about solving problems and enchanting our customers.



Is a leading strategy company specializing in digital transformation enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT) and AI.

Based in San Diego, California, LinkedObjects was founded by Gioia Messinger and Dan Gilbert.

Our founders are serial entrepreneurs who have started and sold several companies. Our team is comprised of senior strategists and operators that have shipped many best-selling products over the last 20+ years.  Including: Arlo™,  BrainOS™, PillCam™, Surfboard™ (cable modem), Inkjet™, Iridium and many other connected devices.

Gioia Messinger


Entrepreneur, technologist & IoT pioneer.

Avaak/Arlo. Brain Corp. UC San Diego. Given Imaging. General Instruments. Motorola. Sony.

Dan Gilbert


Consumer marketing & Strategy.  Avaak/Arlo. HP. Lockheed Martin.

Zoi & Izzi

Chief Play Officers

Sleep. Play. Sleep. Play. Eat.