Let’s Open the Door to Point-of-Patient Health Sensing Technologies

There’s a significant shift going on in how health care is delivered today, due to several key developments:

  1. Payment models that reward providers for patient outcomes rather than traditional, per-procedure methods or number of visits;
  2. The imposition of penalties for hospital readmissions; and
  3. The rapid adoption of smartphone and sensor technologies.

Health sensing technologies, data analytics and visualization tools enable continuous monitoring and assessment of patients anywhere at any time. These technologies have the power to decentralize health care by challenging traditional delivery systems currently centered around hospitals, clinics and physician offices. Such technology engages patients and caregivers by providing them with the most timely, actionable and relevant data at point-of-patient – the home, office or wherever the patient is located.

Xprize Foundation
Image: XPrize & Huffington Post

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Healthcare, Consumerized

‘Consumerization’ is happening in the healthcare market – an ongoing trend of turning patients into consumers. Patients are increasingly using their smartphones and tablets to access and manage healthcare information from anywhere at any time. These devices enable them to take a more active role in their care experience and empower them to choose their own care alternatives.

Image: Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE
Image: Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE

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