Internet of Things for Facilities Managers

Kimberly-Clark Professional turned to IBM’s IoT cloud to help facilities managers monitor and manage the condition of restrooms remotely through the introduction of connected devices and an Intelligent Restroom app . The state of a building’s restrooms is critical in how tenants and customers perceive a business.  A dirty, unsanitary bathroom can cause customers and tenants to have a lower opinion of the facility – driving down customer satisfaction leading to lower overall revenue.  IoT enabled soap dispensers, air fresheners, toilet paper holders and other devices collect data that is sent to the cloud for processing and analysis.  Facilities managers can access the data from mobile or desktop devices to monitor the condition of the property’s restrooms –  anywhere, anytime.  A pilot study of the Intelligent Restroom app showed the number of supplies used by a facility decreased by up to 20 percent with the use of IoT enabled devices and analytics.

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